Great Firewall of China Approved Site

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 3/10/2007 11:55:00 PM
Pardon me for this bit of silliness. I've just come across this site which claims to test whether the Golden Shield Project (GSP) is blocking your vile propaganda from polluting the minds of the Chinese people. Guess what? My site passes with flying colors. Then again, it has only been in existence for, what, three weeks. I will not list any of the offending words and topics that ring alarm bells for the 30,000 censors (count 'em!) working day and night to ensure the sanctity of China's information stream in the hope that I can keep kosher with them. You can read about that offensive dreck elsewhere. In fact, you can call me "Comrade Emmanuel." Ken Livingstone has nothing on my impeccable left-leaning street cred.

Google and Yahoo have famously been criticized for watering down their search technologies to remove offensive terms in order to operate in the presumably lucrative China market. It's a human rights violation! It's pure greed and unethical business practice besides! I am indifferent; as long as my humble journal gets through to the good people of Haining and Shangdong, my rational choice is to care less. I'd probably change my opinion if I too got censored. Right now though I will not succumb to GSP martyrdom as Wikipedia did. You can bet your bottom renminbi that I love my Chinese readership (yes, there are some who come by once in a while). To establish my socialist credentials, let me say for the record that Hu Jintao has great hair. And, Wen Jiabao is the very picture of a modern world leader with his concern for the environment. Those censors should be cheering for me right about now...