Attention Pixar: Rats Don't Prepare the Food Here

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 1/13/2009 07:47:00 AM
Pixar's animated feature Ratatouille was a big hit worldwide for the obvious reasons: it was a really excellent movie backed by one of the largest media companies on the face of the Earth. I was digging through some holiday photographs taken while traveling through Asia when I came across the photo above. Talk about cultural globalization.

Somehow, I don't think rats are involved in the food preparation at this joint unlike in the cinematographic restaurant it ripped its name from. Indeed, it may be the only restaurant extant where customers would be unhappy about this fact. The USTR says intellectual property (IP) laws are loosely enforced in the developing world. What puzzles me is that I remember seeing it on a busy thoroughfare. Just think what Disney would have to say about this. They may very well--how do I put this--smell a rat. To jog your memory, here's the scene where Remy first sets sight on Gusteau's:

UPDATE: Guest NS had me searching for this restaurant's location. See here. It's supposed to be a "Restaurant and Comedy Venue." In contrast to Disney's family-friendly image, it turns out this place features bi(sexual) nights [!] when they sing karaoke [!!] I am not one to deny others with an enterprising spirit; it's likely that they've given some attention to what they can get away with as you'll notice their logo of a chef with a mic is unique to them.