Conspiracy: IMF, UK Credit Ratings, PM Brown

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 3/17/2010 12:34:00 AM
Like in the US, right-wing nutjobs spewing conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen here in the UK. On the train home while perusing the Evening Standard--a publication that veers to the right, mind you--I came across the following hackneyed plan for Gordon Brown's triumphant return to British politics after presumably being ousted in the next electoral contest. In classic conspiracy theory fashion, it implicates a lot of individuals, institutions, and wild insinuations (scroll to the end of Simon English's column) -
Conspiracy theory of the week, far Right-wing nutters' department:

Gordon Brown has long been lined up to become the next top dog at the International Monetary Fund — such speculation has been fended off by government officials since at least 2005 when he was still Chancellor. The IMF has been critical of the amount of debt Britain is carrying but has so far resisted truly sticking the boot in because Brown remains tight with all the people who matter at the financial watchdog.

At the election there is a hung parliament but the Conservatives are clearly the biggest party and Brown decamps to Washington in a huff. Then, after a reasonable period of grace, the IMF suddenly decides that Britain's debt levels are unmanageable, especially given the incoherent policies being followed by the new government. Britain loses its triple-A rating and is plunged into crisis.

In a state of panic, the Tories call another election in an attempt to increase their grip on power so they can push through tougher, debt-reduction policies. They lose, and Labour are back in, with Brown pulling all the important strings from his new position.

Even Gordon wouldn't be that tribalist, you say. It's just a theory.
If these nutters are right, you'd better watch your back, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (Maybe it's high time that DSK versus Sarkozy conspiracy theories appeared as well to keep those with tabloidal tendencies on their toes.)