The Commanding Heights of Shipping Crate Art

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 9/08/2009 09:35:00 AM
The ingenuity of man in creating all sorts of new things out of mundane materials never ceases to amaze. Sometime ago, I featured environmentally friendly housing built from shipping crates. Turning to the PRC, trade has played a considerable role in improving China's economic fortunes. Though folks argue about the extent it has played, it cannot be ignored. Visiting our favorite official news site, Xinhua, I came across a series of photographs of container art. It is only fitting that people pay homage to what has bettered their lot overall. For some, it's important people--movers and shakers in history. But for the people from the port city of Dalian, it's, you guessed it, the humble shipping container, here brought to high art. While I can't quite determine the reason for arranging the containers this way, it certainly makes for an arresting sight. Call it MOMA in China.

UPDATE: I almost forgot--Dalian is playing host to the World Economic Forum.