Apologies for Light Posting; No Internet at Home

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 10/15/2009 06:27:00 PM
Dear readers, my apologies for the light posting these past few days. It is with some regret that I must disclose inadvertently renting a place without an Internet connection. Although I am working to fix this, expect lighter commentary until I am wired once more. The thing is that I don't want to be tied to a long broadband contract given my present circumstances. As you probably surmise by now, there's been a miscommunication between me and the landord. To paraphrase this turn of events -

ME: And there is an Internet connection, right?
LANDLORD: When you arrive, get the wireless code from the others in the flat.

FLATMATE: Hello, welcome!
ME: Nice to see you too. Could you tell me what the code is for the wireless network?
FLATMATE: [Looks at me quizically] The landlord told you that as well? There's no Internet in this flat. It's....impossible living here [rolls his eyes].

And so I am stuck in central London--a short walk from Victoria station--with lots of wireless networks beaming around my residence but with me having no Internet. It sucks eggs, I tell you. This is rather annoying as there isn't much you can do in this day and age without an Internet connection. Moreover, I don't come to the office everyday. Perhaps not being tethered to the cyberworld will be good for me; maybe the industrial age has caused man to become too wimpy.

This is a work in progress; stay tuned as I sort out these London misadventures. Never have I paid so much to get so little, but this is something to be expected given the locale.