Stiglitz/Rodrik's J of Globalization & Development

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Happy New Year to IPE Zone Readers,

I received the following e-mail message regarding the launch of what looks like an impressive new journal on (duh) globalization and development. While most of the articles in its maiden issue are from economists, most are very easy to read--more Journal of Economic Perspectives than American Economic Review. Everything is non-gated for now; just enter some reader information and access the PDFs. Bookmark and enjoy!

The Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) and Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) are pleased to announce the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Globalization and Development.

Edited by the leading figures in development economics and globalization - José Antonio Ocampo (Columbia), Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia), and M. Shahe Emran (George Washington University) - Journal of Globalization and Development sets the agenda for the future of studies in these rapidly evolving fields. The journal brings together academic research and policy analysis on globalization, development, and in particular the complex interactions between them, to stimulate a creative dialogue between theory and practice, incorporating views from academics and practitioners in a variety of disciplines.

Research Foundations

Democracy, Autocracy and Bureaucracy

Avinash K. Dixit

Incomes in South Africa after the Fall of Apartheid

Murray Leibbrandt, James A. Levinsohn, and Justin McCrary

Poverty and Disequalization

Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray

Dysfunctional Finance: Positive Shocks and Negative Outcomes

Karla Hoff

Policy Analysis

Impact of Political Reservations in West Bengal Local Governments on Anti-Poverty Targeting

Pranab K. Bardhan, Dilip Mookherjee, and Monica Parra Torrado

Rethinking Global Economic and Social Governance

José Antonio Ocampo

Public Finance and Economic Development: Reflections based on Experience in China

Roger H. Gordon

International Rules for Trade in Natural Resources

Paul Collier and Anthony J. Venables

Macro Crises and Targeting Transfers to the Poor

Ravi Kanbur

Symposium: The Return of Counter-cyclical Policy

Editorial Preface

José Antonio Ocampo

Asia: Counter-Cyclical Policies: Indian Experience and Some General Observations

YV Reddy

Asia: China's Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis

Yongding Yu

Latin America: Counter-Cyclical Policy in Brazil: 2008-09

Nelson Barbosa

Latin America: The Structural Fiscal Balance Policy in Chile: A Move Toward Counter-Cyclical Macroeconomics

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis

Latin America: Comments on Financial Regulation and International Capital Flows in Latin America

Leonardo Villar

Africa: Africa's Counter-Cyclical Policy Responses to the Crisis

Louis Kasekende, Zuzana Brixova, and Leonce Ndikumana

Europe: How Deep Is a Crisis? Policy Responses and Structural Factors Behind Diverging Performances

Jean Paul Fitoussi and Francesco Saraceno

Europe: Counter-Cyclical Policies in Light of the Global Financial Crisis: The Case of Turkey

Fatih Ozatay