Twitter Revolution My Sassafrass: Back to Egypt

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 11/20/2011 04:40:00 PM
The self-styled American digerati has me ROFL even more now with their belief about the central importance of digital media in the Arab Spring events. A few days ago, we gathered that Egypt was in many ways worse off economically now than under President Mubarak. For, without a figure to provide basic law and order, the result would be what it is at present-chaotic. From today's headlines, we now gather that they're back in Tahrir Square. With civilians getting shot once more, we've seen this movie before.

So far, what can we reasonably deduce?
  1. Digital technologies are mere communication tools, not instruments for lasting change or even "revolution" as some hype it to be;
  2. Mob rule with people taking to the streets time and again is still mob rule even when using Twitter etc. to gather. It's inimical to establishing order;
  3. Hence, exporting these technologies in the belief that it would promote freedom and economic growth is far-fetched. Take Egypt with its resulting reversion to military rule, endless protests and continuous credit downgrades;
  4. Insofar as we haven't yet left the Westphalian system as far as I can tell, states should be left alone to determine their policies regarding these technologies--just as the United States is busy trying to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for leaking US diplomatic cables;
  5. Fair is fair: China should be left alone as unpalatable as its policies towards the Internet may be to some white people. National laws regarding non-intervention and non-interference with regard to media--whether they be those of the US or China--still have validity in a bordered world.
It's long overdue to consign the hypocritical, incredulous notion of "Internet freedom" to the dustbin of similarly awful American wheeze alike the "strong dollar" policy and the "Washington Consensus."