PC Gone Mad: Women Drivers' Car Insurance in EU

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 1/04/2013 06:15:00 AM
Contrary to hoary stereotypes about "women drivers," the truth is that they are safer drivers--at least in the EU. So much so that women have been charged commensurately lower premiums in EU nations for years. However, in a dubious case of political correctness, the EU has issued a directive against discriminating against charging premiums differentially based on gender. End result? From December 21, 2012 onwards, profit-minded insurance companies have by and large chosen not to bring down male insurance premiums to those for females, but to bring up female premiums up to those for males. The UK Mirror writes:
Next month Brussels delivers an unwanted early Christmas present to women drivers – a nasty hike in car insurance premiums. Under a new European law known as the EU Gender ­Directive, insurers will no ­longer be able to calculate how much a driver pays for their insurance based on their sex. It means that from December 21 women, who are statistically much safer drivers and therefore enjoy lower premiums than men, will see insurance rates rise.

And the amount could be by as much as £300, according to comparison website Gocompare.com. For younger women drivers who have just passed their test, the hike could be in the ­thousands. As a result, many women may end up being forced off the road. According to research by uSwitch.com, 13 per cent of 1,219 women questioned said they would no ­longer be able to afford insurance if their ­premiums rose, while one in 10 said they would be forced to sell their cars.
You call this progress? While I am certainly no Eurosceptic, sometimes the EU is simply misguided in attempting to be politically correct. If women are less prone to fender benders, there is no reason to charge them premiums equivalent to their more reckless male peers.