The Art of the Nanny State: A UK Retrospective

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 4/09/2014 02:41:00 PM
There's a neat book review over at the Independent concerning the art of the nanny state. In a bygone era when British authorities still commanded a modicum of respect--no "Their Majesties Satanic Request" or punk yet--public service ads were omnipresent. And so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Hester Viazey's book. Sure, the artwork isn't quite as florid or the rhetoric quite as grandiose as that in Chinese Propaganda Posters--which is strongly recommended to everyone--but hey, there is some arch humor to be found unlike the visual bread-and-circuses routinely plied by Chinese propagandists.

Even now, I still don't get the poster above. It also disturbs me, quite frankly, and perhaps that's the strength of these public service ads. By not being self-evident, there's a sinister element that actually makes you think about smoking and whatever else have you.