How China's Anti-NGO Jihad Hits MNCs

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in ,, at 6/02/2015 01:30:00 AM
These running dogs of imperialist capitalism don't know what's hit 'em.
It may be a further sign of Chinese hubris, but for what it's worth, persecution of foreign concerns continues apace. New laws are on the drawing board for further controlling and monitoring the activities of non-government organizations. So what, you may say, the Chinese have always maintained tight reins on these potential foreign subversives. Go ask the Catholic Church. Actually, foreign business associations usually stick out of politics, but this time is somewhat different: trade associations may be subject to the same sort of official harassment other organizations operating in China have long experienced such as aid agencies, environmental groups, etc:
Foreign organizations in China, whether or not they are for-profit, tend to not want to stick their necks out on political issues even if their interests are at stake out of fear of official retaliation. Nonprofits in general, especially those working in areas deemed sensitive by the government such as law and education, are hesitant to take a collective position out of fear it would alarm Beijing, according to Anthony Spires, a scholar on civil society at Chinese University of Hong Kong who has met with foreign nonprofits to discuss the draft law.
However, the vagueness of new blanket laws is alarming business groups:
The EU Chamber, in a statement, said that its member companies rely on foreign industry groups, universities and environmental and other nongovernmental groups for information, research, and corporate social responsibility activities. The draft law will reduce the ability and likely willingness of these groups to work in China and that would “subsequently limit both Chinese and foreign businesses from benefiting from the value they add,” chamber President Joerg Wuttke said.

Currently, foreign nonprofit groups have few ways to register legally, causing some to register as businesses or not registering at all. Foreign chambers of commerce have been an exception, with special regulations in place to allow them to register. It’s unclear whether that would change under the new law, given its vague language, legal experts said. Under the current proposal, all foreign nonprofits are required to apply for registration in China or for temporary permits to conduct activities, including issuing grants in the country. Groups would only be permitted to operate one office in China unless granted permission by the State Council, the cabinet.

Chief among the business groups’ concerns is the authority the law gives China’s police, who are generally unfamiliar with the work the business groups do, from trade promotion to lobbying for market access for foreign companies involved in semiconductors, soybeans and software. The draft law also requires that nonprofit groups submit regular work plans and reports to authorities and restricts the numbers of foreign staff, potentially adding to costs for trade and industry NGOs as well as foreign companies that work with foreign NGOs in China, business groups say.
Dumb gweilo (foreign devil) capitalists. A China more confident in its abilities was always going to pull the welcome mat sooner or later after gaining knowledge necessary from foreigners to make a buck. Or so they think. If collateral damage from increasing jingoism and paranoia about foreigners hits foreign chambers of commerce, do you really think China gives a #$%^ ?