Worst Branding Deal Ever? "Trump Tower Manila"

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 10/08/2016 09:25:00 PM
Is getting your private parts groped part of the deal if you buy a unit at this Trump-branded Manila condo?
In psychology, there is a term "colonial mentality" referring to those living in former colonies adopting an inferiority complex towards their former colonizers. This phenomenon is particularly acute in the Philippines, where American-sourced things are typically regarded as superior to their local equivalents. If it has a whiff of the US, then it must be better by virtue of the association. Yippee, America #1!

Philippine developer Century Properties certainly exudes this thinking by pandering to American celebrities. While Paris Hilton is derided as an airhead heiress in her home country--the archetypal dumb blonde--she actually has a branding arrangement for a beach club in the Philippines with them. Amping the inferiority complex further, Century Properties negotiated branding for a "Trump Tower Manila" with The Donald in 2011 [!] The press blurb claims:
I've always loved the Philippines. I think it's just a special place and Manila is one of Asia's most spectacular cities. I know that this project will be second to none.
Now, this statement would of course be more believable as having come out of the [tic tac-loving] mouth of Trump were it not for his vile racist attacks on the Philippines. Apparently, even Filipino-Americans--all 3.4 million of them--he's suggested deporting due to their association with this terror-infested country:
More recently, he decided to stop using the word "Muslim" as he called for halting immigration from countries with high rates of terrorism, although he has yet to say which countries that would include.
At a rally in Portland, Maine, on Thursday afternoon, Trump provided a lengthy explanation of why he thinks the United States needs to be skeptical of immigrants from many countries, even if they follow the legal process. Reading from notes, Trump listed nearly a dozen examples of immigrants, refugees or students who came to the United States legally -- often applying for and receiving citizenship -- and then plotted to kill Americans, sometimes successfully doing so. The countries that he referenced in these examples: Somalia, Morocco, Uzbekistan (he asked the crowd where it was located), Syria, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen (which he pronounced "yay-men"). Trump's staff has yet to confirm if there are countries from which the nominee wants to limit immigration.
To be fair, The Donald is bashing foreign countries in this election cycle to play to fears of a white xenophobic audience Stateside. Way back in 2011, Trump's name was not yet so associated with racism, xenophobia, misogyny, business failure and what else have you. Still, he is a man of no scruples who will say what sells. It's just that sometimes, his messages are contradictory selling to different audiences.

Century Properties ends up with the mother of all bum deals. It's paying good money to Trump to use his name, when lately his name has been associated with so many unsavory things. That he alludes to deporting 3.4 million Filipino-Americans while deriding the Philippines as a terrorist haven makes buyers of "Trump Tower Manila" fit the typical profile of his customer base: chumps.

When the scum of America is regarded as a "luxury" brand in the Philippines, it's colonial mentality at its worst. Aside from that, enjoy your condo.

10/11 UPDATE: To be fair, there are other Trump branding deals with other nationalities he has greatly offended through his racist remarks. See, for instance, the Muslim-basher's licensing arrangements in the Middle East in a recent Newsweek article