Capturing LSE Involvement in the London Riots

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 2/06/2012 03:22:00 AM
I don't mean to turn this site into the "stuff I picked up from the weekly LSE employee newsletter" blog but the quality of the material is simply astounding sometimes. It is, by far, the most literate and even highbrow I've come across with coverage of IMF labour conditionalities among other things to ponder as you contemplate Britannia several decades past its hegemonic prime.

The above photo from one of the 2011 riots--including several LSE students, no doubt--helps continue to puncture my image of current LSE students as little more than a money-grubbing, investment banking me, perhaps! Especially after the tuition fee rises, my view of them as generally apathetic has gone through the wringer. Given the school's Fabian (read: socialist) roots, it's a return to form. They're supposed to thrash stuff up. The picture captures the atmosphere of the scence, and I am struck by how the appearance of the protesters (students?) gives little clue as to whether this photo was taken a few months back instead of during the sixties. Interesting stuff.

Here's the caption:
This picture was taken by Musfira Shaffi, an undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology. It was taken on Oxford Street during the pension cut protests in 2011. An exciting, simmering picture of rebellion, discontent, and destruction.