Not-So-Still Life: A Greek Riot Scene

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in ,,, at 2/14/2012 08:17:00 AM
I'm a bit strapped for time today so here's something that captures the moment in Greece. On Facebook, my Greek friends have been posting these sorts of riot pictures and videos for several years now. I suppose it's conventional scenery when the IMF is called into action. Whether the IMF's presence raises the probability of these scenes happening or whether social disturbances are more indicative of government mismanagement is certainly a question for debate. It's back to the old debate of whether the IMF is merely the "doctor" called in when a nation's financial situation is already dire, or if the IMF makes matters worse by prescribing cures alike austerity measures that give rise to social disturbances that are worse than the (financial) ailment.

For all that, some research suggests that the IMF softens labour conditionalities where unions are influential--like Greece. The commonality of scenes like these seems to belie that argument, though.