Zimbabwe & 'Global Depopulation Policy' Conspiracy Theory

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in , at 10/12/2014 01:30:00 AM
While I am partial to Latin conspiracy theories which surpass the limits of credulity, I must tell you there are even more outlandish crackpot conspiracy theories out there to captivate the feeble-minded. Among the most fantastical flights of fancy is the so-called "Global Depopulation Policy" supposedly foisted by the United Nations to reduce population growth in poor countries. Aside from developing country groupings at the United Nations like the G-77 never mentioning let alone protesting this nonsense, people with too much free time have spun it a number of ways. Among other alleged means the CIA / NSA / military industrial complex / Trilateral Commission / Club of Rome / Rand Corporation / Goldman Sachs / Carlyle Group / [insert your favorite Master Organization for Global Domination here] use to depopulate poor countries are:
  • civil war
  • famine
  • introducing AIDS to the African continent
  • introducing the Ebola virus to the African continents
Apparently, this nonsense has quite a following, otherwise it would not persist after all these years. Witness this open letter by some guy who claims the British government is out to kill him for Zimbabwe to stop bowing to the wishes on the UN and other agents of global domination:
Zimbabwe was forced into the Global Depopulation Policy in 1978, when the World Health Organization deliberately infected a large number of people with the HIV virus (a bioweapon developed by a cooperative effort between American and Soviet scientists working for the military-industrial complex) under the cover of a smallpox immunization program. As a result, the total fertility rate decreased from 7.3 children per woman in 1980 to 3.4 today, the mortality rate increased from 9 to 15 deaths per 1000 people, and life expectancy for men went down to 44 years and for women to 43 years (from 60 in 1990), the lowest in the world. The HIV/AIDS infection rate in 2001 reached an astounding 34% of the population aged 15 to 49 years and it currently stands at 16%. Given that the population of Zimbabwe is not projected to grow at all over the next 30 years, even though the crude birth rate is twice as high as the crude death rate, one can only surmise that your government is allowing the UN to subvert your people’s reproductive rights and abilities through chemical sterilization programs that are administered under the pretext of improving child and maternal health
Actually, the truth is not out there but right in your face: GET A LIFE. The Man is not keeping you down, but your own delusions. 

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