Japan's Cure for Juvenile Delinquency: No Juveniles

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in at 7/18/2015 01:30:00 AM
Meet the, er, "new" generation of Japanese criminality.
Here's another post on the strange relationship between aging and criminality in Japan: a few weeks ago, we had elderly committing minor crimes since they preferred a life of incarceration to homelessness. Still, it appears the ultimate cure for juvenile delinquency has been found in Japan: have no juveniles. Given its graying demographic, this may be an extreme unintended measure, but hey, that it's working is undeniable. With fewer young people with tendencies towards--how do we call it--exuberance, the staid and old are actually the more criminal elements in society due to their sheer numbers:
In a reflection of Japan’s graying society, police took action against more elderly people than juveniles in criminal cases for the first time in the six months to June this year, new figures show. The National Police Agency said Thursday the number of people aged 65 or older subject to police action reached 23,656 between January and June, compared to 19,670 for those aged 14-19. It marked the first time the elderly exceeded teens in crime statistics since the agency began compiling data by age group in 1989.
So watch out for that guy with the walking stick.