Economic Downturn, Roswell, and Promoting Tourism

♠ Posted by Emmanuel in ,, at 5/01/2008 01:18:00 AM
Like in many other states, the state government of New Mexico is having difficulty raising revenues in this time of economic downturn in the US. Property taxes, sales taxes, and what else have you are bound to fall as economic activity drops. While surfing the Internet, I somehow came across this ad by the Tourism Department of New Mexico that I thought was pretty neat. In a clever allusion to the infamous Roswell UFO incident, it depicts two (rather funky looking) aliens playing golf [!] Being a marketing major from past studies, I of course appreciate a clever ad campaign. This ad campaign has already raised some controversy, although the proof should be in the pudding of state tourism revenues. One of the advantages of a weak dollar is that it makes the US an attractive travel destination. Certainly, New Mexico does not lack for tourist attractions. What raises a chuckle for me is that the state is now actively promoting tourism of Roswell and other alleged UFO sites. There must be many X-Files fans out there.

Here's a thought: if the US economy really descends into the dumps the way some have been predicting, maybe New Mexico will open Hangar 18 to the public for guided tours. Hangar 18, of course, is the alleged site at Wright-Patterson Air Force base where the bodies of the dead aliens from the Roswell incident are kept. Heck, maybe the tourist promotion folks of New Mexico can enlist Dave Mustaine to record a promotional track (I've never understood why the aliens in the Megadeth video are cute and cuddly while the Air Force general looks scary.) Hangar 18, I know too much...